Making Your Civil Wedding Ceremony Memorable - Top 3 Ways

A civil wedding ceremony is a dry affair with no extravagant or popular costumes, no pomp, over-the-end celebrations or laughter, that is so much a part of a church wedding. But it is a legal procedure that is essential to bind the groom and the bride in matrimony. However, despite the formality of the ceremony, there are a few things that you can do to make this insipid affair your personal touch. Given below are 3 tips to add color to your legal wedding ceremony.
  1. Choose A Wedding Theme - A wedding theme adds color to any wedding. Since you have chosen to have a legal ceremony that will be taking place in a impersonal room, it is up to you to choose a wedding theme and decorate it accordingly. You may have a sports theme, a history theme or even a Hollywood theme. The theme should reflect both your personalities. Add personal touches to the room like covering the chairs with your favorite colors that will brighten up the room and place playbills on the tables instead of numbers.
Choose music that matches the theme and are right for the occasion. You can also choose your favorite music from Broadway musicals. Or you can have classical or contemplative music that is played on a string quarter in the background.
  1. Personalized Wedding Vows - Add more meaning to the ceremony by writing you own wedding vows. If the registrar permits, you can adapt the words of the traditional vows to express the commitment that you feel towards each other. Personalized vows add depth to the wedding ceremony. When you add carefully chosen words as a promise to one another for a lifetime, you are voicing your feelings before witnesses and God.
  1. Readings At The Ceremony - Invite close friends and relatives to the weddings and ask them to read poems or tell stories that add to the mood of the occasion. The readings can also include lyrics of ballads, sonnets or a song.
Remember that a civil ceremony, while keeping the spiritual feeling of the occasion intact, does not permit violation of any religious sentiments. You will have to submit your choice of wedding themes, music, vows and readings to the registrar and get his approval before using any of them. A civil ceremony has to follow a few guidelines and if your added embellishments to the ceremony fit within those, you will be given permission.

Synthia Davis is a freelance writer and an event manager. She recommends that buying cheap party supplies online is a great way to get heavy discounts.

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