Top 3 unique bridesmaid gifts

Your bridesmaids will be your eyes and your primordial helpers on your wedding day. Trust me you can’t even imagine how much you need them and how hard it will be to get everything in order on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids will help you look perfect and will make sure every aspect of the wedding goes as planned. 

That’s why you must repay their services with unique bridesmaid gifts that will show your love and consideration for all the hard work they did. You’ve probably noticed all retailers brag about the uniqueness of  their products but I personally recommend to you American Bridal...they really have perfect gifts for your bridal party and great prices. 

I know the gesture is supposed to count more than the actual gift but you have to admit your  bridesmaids will be happier if they receive a monogrammed beauty bag than if they get a key chain.

If you really want to give unique bridesmaid gifts opt for personalized objects that can be worn again and that will remind your bridesmaids about your special day. Here is FashionBridesmaids top 3:

1.  Bridesmaids Tote Bags - perfect to be worn at the beach or even for daily choirs; make sure to personalize them with small initials inside the tote, your bridesmaids will appreciate it.

2.  Similar Jewelry - choose a discrete ring or a pendant for every bridesmaids (you can opt for a zodiac sign or their initials) or for a similar jewelry that will remind you all about your day.

3.  Card Holders - if you don’t have a very generous budget you can opt for a smaller gift but with the same impact; we all need an elegant card holder, opt for a silver one with a small inside monogram.

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