Spot the trend: Belted Bridesmaid Collections

If you want to have a perfect figure and look your best at a wedding you are attending as a bridesmaids you should better talk before hand with the future bride and make sure she will choose one of the belted bridesmaids dresses that designers have in store for us for 2012.

 You probably noticed a lot of bridesmaids collections that feature great examples of belted gowns or dresses that have a satin strap. You can always choose a fabric that slims or that adds value to the dress itself. I’m a huge fan of Vera Wang’s collection of bridesmaids for David’s Bridal as it incorporates all the elements that should be part of your bridesmaids attire.

 Either you could choose simple chiffon bridesmaid dresses or go for an extravagant organza look. Make sure to add a belt or a strap, it will make your waist look a lot tinier and will give you a distinct feature. I’ve chosen a couple of bridesmaids dresses that fit perfectly and you’ll sure find more on their website, go check it out

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